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Like my Facebook page and you could be the lucky winner when we reach 100 fans!

I’m having a jewelry give-away on Facebook at every 100 fans. All fans will be entered in the drawing when we reach 100. As of this writing, we need 27 more fans to get to the first give-away point. If you’re not a Facebook fan, you could scoot over there and like my page (I think you can do it right from this site) so that your name will be in the necklace drawing. The sooner we reach 100 fans, the sooner this little beauty wings its way to a new owner. Handmade by me, crafted of bronze with a beautiful Moss Agate stone, and suspended from a leather (or possibly like-leather) cord, adjustable. It measures 3/4″ long x 1/2″ wide.


Fairy’s Wing

Thoughts like the lovely quote are always in my head as I work…

And as the seasons come and go,
here’s something you might like to know.
There are fairies everywhere:
under bushes, in the air,
playing games just like you play,
singing through their busy day.
So listen, touch, and look around –
in the air and on the ground.
And if you watch all nature’s things,
you might just see a fairy’s wing.
~ Author Unknown

School is out in slightly less than a month…

I’m 49 and a full time college student and this semester is wearing me down. I’m so excited and so swamped/busy/overwhelmed at the same time. School is out in slightly less than one month. Some of my finals start as early as next week and continue until the end while others will have the typical last-week-of-school final. There is a lot to do between now and then.

I’m looking forward to doing many things when school is out. I need to take better care of myself and get caught up on all those important little “me” things. I’m looking forward to yoga and sunshine (yes, I said sunshine) and time for my own art projects.

One of the things that I’m very much looking forward to is gradually re-imaging all my jewelry listings and adding more jewelry and art listings. I will take a few new pictures and update the store between now and June, but the bulk of the imagine will be done in June. Stay tuned!

Music | Why I Include Music Here

Some of you may be wondering why I’m including music posts at my jewelry and art blog. Well, I’ll tell you ;). I include music here at my jewelry and art blog because I consider the playing of music to be an art. Music has long been an inspiring factor in the creation of my jewelry and other art. Most of the time that inspiration was in the form of listening to music. Nowadays, I get added inspiration from playing instruments myself.

When I started getting really deaf, to where I had to wear hearing aids, I realized that something could happen to make me go totally deaf and if that was a risk for me, then there were things I wanted to do with my ears while I could still benefit from hearing aids. One of those things was music.

In 2010, I bought a few instruments to learn to play: a mandolin, a mountain dulcimer, a ukulele, and a recorder. I moved in June of 2011 and the house I live in has a spinet piano. It never got played and it was dusty and covered with stuff – completely unloved. It occurred to me that there are people out there who would love to learn to play the piano, but they don’t have access to one. Right here in this house was the loneliest piano. I’d never had any piano playing aspirations because I don’t have long fingers and I’d always heard that’s what you needed to play piano. Despite this, I decided to learn to play the piano because a piano is too beautiful and majestic an instrument to sit dusty and wasted.

When I went back to college, I enrolled in a Beginning Piano class. Reading music notation has changed my life and the way I see things. This caused me to have a new appreciation for the guitar, which I thought was so boring in my youth. Boring-schmoring. This in turn caused my current guitar obsession.

I’m learning to play all my instruments and can play a song on everything, but mandolin. My primary focus over the next few months, however, is just piano and guitar. I think the guitar playing will inform my ukulele and mandolin playing, so I think it’s wise to learn it first.

Music, like jewelry and art, is another of my artistic passions, so I think it’s totally appropriate to talk about it here.

Music | New Luna Guitar

I’m so excited! I’ve been admiring Luna guitars ever since I saw one for the first time in Guitar Center in Gilroy, CA. The ones I saw were much nicer than the one I just took delivery on, but I’m thrilled to have my first one! My most recent instrument purchase is a Luna Muse Safari which is a 3/4 (or travel) sized guitar. I got it in mahogany finish, which is satin rather than shiny. It has the signature crescent around the sound hole and the fret markers are phases of the moon instead of plain old dots.

Picture of Guitar Sound HoleThe sound of this beautiful baby seems a bit warmer and throatier than the full sized guitar in the house. The strings are harder, though. I also ordered some Mel Bay Method books for guitar since that book series teaches by notation. I don’t go for that tab stuff. I’ve been learning music theory in my piano class anyway. I love music theory, so I want to use it as much as possible so I don’t lose the knowledge. I’ve been playing this little Luna so much that I’m already getting blisters on my fingers. My fingers get mildly sore from the nylon strings on my ukulele, but nothing like this. I have no regrets, though! I’m having a great time!

I love Luna Guitars so much that I plan on ordering several more of their instruments, though they won’t all be guitars. Eventually, I plan to get an acoustic/electric from Luna as well as a couple of ukuleles. However, my next guitar purchase is coming up in about a week or so. It’ll be a classical guitar by Lucero. It was very highly rated for an inexpensive guitar, so I decided to give it a try. When I decide to get my own full-sized acoustic guitar (I currently use one that’s in the house already), I plan to give an entry level Washburn a try. I’ve heard great things about Washburn.