News | Facebook Jewelry Give-Away


Like my Facebook page and you could be the lucky winner when we reach 100 fans!

I’m having a jewelry give-away on Facebook at every 100 fans. All fans will be entered in the drawing when we reach 100. As of this writing, we need 27 more fans to get to the first give-away point. If you’re not a Facebook fan, you could scoot over there and like my page (I think you can do it right from this site) so that your name will be in the necklace drawing. The sooner we reach 100 fans, the sooner this little beauty wings its way to a new owner. Handmade by me, crafted of bronze with a beautiful Moss Agate stone, and suspended from a leather (or possibly like-leather) cord, adjustable. It measures 3/4″ long x 1/2″ wide.


Condon-ites get it cheaper!

Locals always get my jewelry cheaper than my advertised price. Local = Condon, OR or any place close enough for you to pick up your jewelry. Why? I can sell jewelry locally for cheaper because I don’t have to ship it or package it for shipping. Plus, if you are a returning customer, I always give 15% off of every subsequent order. Even if you are not *my* returning customer, but a customer of my husband’s gardening services, you will still get the returning customer discount.

If you want something, you can email me at studioflorica (at) live (dot) com (take out spaces and put in correct symbols in place of the words) and ask me what the local price would be (or the local returning customer price). You can also call me at 541-384-5380. Ask for Cindi and let me know which piece(s) you’re asking after and I will work up a price for you. Easy-peasy!

My Super Soft Handmade Cords

I love handmade cords – especially in the winter time, because then my jewelry isn’t cold when I put it on. However, I’m choosy about my handmade cords. I like them as soft as they can possibly be and I like to make them myself. Not only that, but I like to keep things classy.

All the handmade cords I offer are made by me and are 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% silk. the colors currently available are Bark (dark brown), Coal (black), and Plum (more like a claret or a burgundy). I plan to add Orchid (dark purple) and Stone (gray). One of the item photos will be of the cord color choices available.