Blanchard Artisan is based in Condon, Oregon which is a little, tiny ghost town in the high desert (3123 ft) with less than 700 people.

About the Artist

Cindi Blanchard is in her early 50’s and, being a Libra, is a lover of beauty in all forms. She is mostly deaf without hearing aids and relies on lip reading in conversations. When she started more actively losing her hearing, she got a crazy desire to learn musical instruments and foreign languages while she still had enough hearing left. She is learning the guitar, and classical guitar, piano, recorder, didgeridoo, mandolin, and Appalachian (or mountain) dulcimer. Cindi took piano for a semester in college (in 2012) where she fell in love with music theory. She has a deep hankering for a hurdy gurdy and is determined that providence will find her one. She is currently learning German by using Pimsleur CD’s and would also like to tackle Irish Gaelic and Persian.

She loves belly dance, archery, and martial arts. She enjoys crocheting in the fall and winter and wishes someone patient could teach her how to knit. Aside from jewelry, Cindi loves ceramics, stained glass, acrylic, watercolor, and ink painting. She loves to do repousse on metal foil as well as other types of metal work. She is just getting started in Calligraphy and is hoping to find ways to incorporate it into her main body of work. She has an interest in polymer clay as well as precious metal clay, so those things will pop up on the creative front burner eventually.

Artist’s Statement

Cindi Blanchard has been plying her hands to raw metal wire, combining handmade chain mail, wire weaving, and Peruvian-style components since 1996. She works with metals such as fine silver, sterling silver, bronze, copper, brass, iron, and even aluminum, bending and embellishing them with gemstones and glass bearing all colors and patterns of the earth. Her work is often delicate and laborious and sometimes bold and chunky. Whichever way she goes, she aims to make you feel like the sensual, mysterious goddess-woman you are.

Artistically, Cindi’s jewelry is heavily influenced by visual art of Walter Crane, Alphonse Mucha, John Waterhouse, Brom, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Ed Org, Amy Brown, the Frouds, and others. It is in this work that she first inspired to embellish such creatures in the fantasy realm as faeries and elves. Her desire to embellish extends to humans as well, giving birth to her renaissance style. Music is a strong influence on her jewelry and art, both music theory and the auditory pleasures of Faun, Beats Antique, Niyaz, Corvus Corax, Loreena McKennitt, and Enya. Her avid passion for belly dance also shapes and informs her work.

Cindi sees the act of creation as the oldest form of alchemy, transforming raw disparate materials into something new- something that expresses the indefinable something we all try to express about ourselves.


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