Shipping Included

I include shipping in the price of all my jewelry simply because I have sometimes been a disappointed shopper. There have been times I’ve shopped online and I’ve found something I really wanted, only to have shipping be the deal breaker. It can be heartbreaking when you find something magical and are dancing with glee because you can afford it, but then you go to check out and shipping is astronomical, putting your treasured item out of reach. I’ve talked with friends and family that have had the same experience. I never want that to happen with my jewelry, so I include shipping in the price. That way, when people look at my jewelry and find something they love, if they can afford the price is shows, they can have it! The price includes packaging and shipping via USPS Priority Mail with insurance and delivery confirmation. Your item(s) will arrive in a sturdy Priority Mail box in an effort to avoid any damage in shipping.

Insurance and delivery confirmation, when available, is there for my protection as a seller, so it is non-negotiable. It means I have proof I mailed the item as promised. It means I will *eventually* be reimbursed for the item if it goes astray or is damaged beyond repair.

If you order more than one item that will be shipped together, I will refund the packaging and shipping charges portion of the price for the additional items. All items must fit in one box (I can move up to a bigger box and you’ll still be refunded the difference, if any).


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