News | Name Change

You may have noticed a name change here at the site and at my Facebook page. I have changed the business name from Studio Florica to Blanchard Artisan. I hate changing a business name because there is so much work involved and there is always a chance of losing some potential customers to confusion (or even if they were really attached to the old name). However, I made the decision carefully. I needed a name that was at least partially recognizable locally (the Blanchard part) and represented what I’m all about no matter what I’m doing (the Artisan part) because I have other businesses. In addition to selling my jewelry and art, I have a local interior painting business as well as a gardening service, so I needed a house they could all reasonably fit under.

Please pardon the dust here and at the online stores while I make new site graphics that reflect the new business name. I’m also in the process of re-imaging all my jewelry pictures so they will all be fresh and new and will have the correct watermark. There will be new items listed at the store as well since there are quite a few things I have that I haven’t yet had time to image and list.

I’m in the middle of a large painting job that is taking all of my time. I have one more week of work, then I am taking off 2-3 weeks, before starting another painting job, so that I can catch up on the stuff I need to do for my jewelry and art. After that I will likely have more painting work to do that will see my family through the winter. Winters are cold and icy up here in Oregon’s high desert and there isn’t a lot of gardening work to do. I’m just starting my jewelry business here in my new location (the gardening business existed before I came, so that was a lucky “in”), so I have to rely on other income while I build it up. It’s hard starting all over from scratch in a place where you don’t know anyone well yet.

With that said, I’m excited about where I live now and I love my new community. It’s a unique experience living in a community of about 650 people. I have been warmly welcomed by all I have formally met in this community. When you are used to living in larger, more urban areas, it’s easy to think that a small community like this may not be very supporting for business, but I am finding that if you want to work here, people want to pay you to do it. This town comes out in support of everything and it’s so refreshing to see. My stress level has greatly reduced since living here. I don’t have to drive fast. There aren’t a lot of cars anywhere, so you rarely ever have someone on your ass. Everybody waves, even if they don’t know you. “Rush hour” here is like seeing 10 cars on the highway at the same time as you :D. There is lots of wide open space. LOTS. The pace of living is slow. We have all the time we need for everything and everything gets done. Rent (and even home prices) are unimaginably cheap. We only lock our house when we’re in it sleeping. We don’t lock our cars either and, at any given time, the keys may be in them. There is zero worry about “mashers” or creeps or weirdos unless there are strangers in town. It’s a different life.


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