How to get my jewelry cheaper…

I’m trying out a new practice to see how I like it. It is not generally my practice to have sales events, but I don’t like listing jewelry either, so I thought of a compromise that will allow you to get new pieces cheaper for a limited time and might even save me from listing them. So here’s the plan…

As soon as I finish a new piece, I’ll take a nice picture of it and post it on the blog and on Facebook while I get the nicer imaging done that I need for the online stores. During this time that the piece is not available in my online stores, readers of the blog and FB (Facebook) can get the new piece at a 15% discount. Readers that live or work local to me (I’m in Condon, OR 97823) who can save me the trouble of packing and shipping their order by PICKING IT UP, can save an additional $8. When I post the new piece, I’ll post it with the reduced price and the ending date for the sale price. Once it’s at my online stores, it’ll be regular price unless you’re a returning customer. Returning customers always get 15% off, which I refund via PayPal for online orders.


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