Music | New Luna Guitar

I’m so excited! I’ve been admiring Luna guitars ever since I saw one for the first time in Guitar Center in Gilroy, CA. The ones I saw were much nicer than the one I just took delivery on, but I’m thrilled to have my first one! My most recent instrument purchase is a Luna Muse Safari which is a 3/4 (or travel) sized guitar. I got it in mahogany finish, which is satin rather than shiny. It has the signature crescent around the sound hole and the fret markers are phases of the moon instead of plain old dots.

Picture of Guitar Sound HoleThe sound of this beautiful baby seems a bit warmer and throatier than the full sized guitar in the house. The strings are harder, though. I also ordered some Mel Bay Method books for guitar since that book series teaches by notation. I don’t go for that tab stuff. I’ve been learning music theory in my piano class anyway. I love music theory, so I want to use it as much as possible so I don’t lose the knowledge. I’ve been playing this little Luna so much that I’m already getting blisters on my fingers. My fingers get mildly sore from the nylon strings on my ukulele, but nothing like this. I have no regrets, though! I’m having a great time!

I love Luna Guitars so much that I plan on ordering several more of their instruments, though they won’t all be guitars. Eventually, I plan to get an acoustic/electric from Luna as well as a couple of ukuleles. However, my next guitar purchase is coming up in about a week or so. It’ll be a classical guitar by Lucero. It was very highly rated for an inexpensive guitar, so I decided to give it a try. When I decide to get my own full-sized acoustic guitar (I currently use one that’s in the house already), I plan to give an entry level Washburn a try. I’ve heard great things about Washburn.


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