Inspirations | Scarlet’s Lounge

Coin belt for belly dancingI’m very into belly dance. I buy all the belly dance DVDs I can afford. My favorite belly dancers are Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, and there’s one or two others whose names don’t spring to mind right now. Belly dance wear inspires me to create jewelry that would go beautifully with it. And, of course, the primary music I listen to while creating my jewelry pieces are either belly dance music like Beats Antique or folk music like Faun.

I’m at the stage where I’m collecting things for my belly dance costumes. I have some silk broomstick skirts that I would somehow like to convert to belly dance use, so I’ve let the colors of these skirts dictate what colors I will use in my costumes, which are black, coppery bronze, and cream. I will have a black one, of course (as all the people who know me personally giggle) to embrace my goth/punk side, but also a rust/bronze colored one and a cream colored one. I think I will combine the cream colored one with periwinkle and purple/plum.

My hands-down favorite belly dance costume supplier is Scarlets’s Lounge. I love Gina’s choice of colors. I’ve looked at many belly dance sites and could never find makers who worked in the saturated colors I love.

The cotton tiered pants are gorgeous. I’m not really into skirts, other than hip skirts, so I really appreciate attractive pants. I haven’t previously liked harem pants, but I’m thinking of giving a pair from Scarlet’s Lounge a whirl.

Gina’s got an Urban Gypsy line that is some of the cutest lounge wear I’ve seen anywhere. Perfect for weekends at home. There are quite a few pieces even in her costume line that I would integrate, subtly, into my regular wardrobe – a piece here and there for flair ;).

There are advantages to being an artist and one of those advantages is that my regular clothing, from day-to-day, can be just about anything. I don’t have a uniform or suit I have to wear every day. I just need to wear what looks good with the jewelry that I make and sell and I need to be memorable. I’ve noticed that more tastefully unique I look, the better people remember me and the better my sales are.

Both images in this post are from Scarlet’s Lounge, used only to show you her beautiful work. The image below is used specifically so you can see the gorgeous range of colors she uses. Aren’t they just to die for? Not everything is available in all colors, but you can easily put together a costume with many complementary pieces if you don’t want to buy a set. While I’d be thrilled to own any of these colors, I’m smitten with the Sangria, the Black, the Olive, and the Rust. The Violet or the Plum may make it’s way to my cream costume as well. Hats off to Gina at Scarlet’s Lounge for being such an inspiration to me.

Reversible Belly Dance Costume Set by Scarlet's Lounge


2 responses to “Inspirations | Scarlet’s Lounge

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Katrina. Aside from the colors, would you mind telling me more about what was different? I’ve been dreaming of ordering a set from her *forever* and I’m wondering if the differences are something I can live with.


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